Елаборат за заштита на лични податоци

Глобал Секјурити Дооел покрај својата дејност со поставување и одржување на безбедносни системи се занимава и со изготвување на елаборати за начинот на вршење на видео надзор. Истиот е подготвен од страна на сертифицирани лица од Дирекцијата за заштита на лични податоци.


Повелете, Побарајте понуда.

The JUNIOR MINI REP will provide remote control, system status display and monitoring functions for any of GFE’s Analogue Addressable Fire Detection Panels


The JUNIOR MINI REP will provide remote control, system status display and monitoringfunctions for any of GFE’s Analogue Addressable Fire Detection Panels. All Fire, Fault, Test and Disabled conditions are displayed. User is able to control all functions at access Level’s 1, 2 (authorized user level) and 3 (installer/ programming level). Compliant with EN-54 part 2.

Display and Control Functions are replicated and shown in the same manner as on any of GFE’s Analogue Addressable Fire Detection Panel. Access to Levels 2 and 3 is using the same code as programmed for the associated panel. Optionally a keyswitch can be fitted to provide access at level 2 (authorized user).

Its reduced dimensions make it ideal for installation in reception areas or security booths. This unit can be used with any distributed or self contained Juno Net or Junior based Fire Detection System.

This unit is also compatible with all of GFE’s standard data loop interfaces allowing the Junior Mini Rep panel to be interfaced to both Junior and Juno Net addressable panels using 3 different interfacing technologies:

lRS-422/485 - Supplied with each Junior Mini-Rep unit as standard lFibre Optics lTCP/IP

A maximum of 4 Junior Mini Rep panels can be connected to a single Addressable Panel if powered directly from the Control Panel’s Auxiliary Supply Output. This number is always dependent on maximum current load derived from a single auxiliary supply output.

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